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We are about providing professional, service focused, reliable and quality promotional products to business and corporate clients. We are experts in the industry with vast knowledge and specialist skills in sourcing goods and providing customised designs on products to showcase brands with utmost effect. We are an ethical, results-driven organisation with an approach that is responsive, personable and flexible. In an industry that can sometimes be seen as providing sub-standard quality of goods and where the complaints through APPA are extremely high, we pride ourselves on being a nurturing, reliable organisation that will support and advise our clients through the process of choosing and designing suitable products to promote your brand or business and will deliver quality goods sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers that are tried and tested.

  • As your outsourced promotional products supplier we can partner with any external agencies you work with to coordinate and facilitate the development of your promotional products.
  • We understand that quality is of the utmost importance and we have formed strategic alliances with key national and international suppliers to ensure the quality of goods and services.
  • We are members of the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) which is the professional trade association specifically for the promotional products and promotional marketing industry. This requires us to act by a strict code of conduct.
  • We work with you to provide customised designs/industry relevant products to showcase your brand effectively.
  • We understand the need for your brand to work harder and have the expertise to help you with this.
  • Give us the brief and budget and we’ll do the leg work and provide you with the best options.
  • Our attention to detail ensures that we get the job done properly and most importantly within budget.

Corporate Christmas Gift Guide Ideas

Interaction Branding Pty Ltd, a leading provider of employee gifts and recognition, wants to help companies avoid the typical mistakes often seen with sourcing corporate Christmas gifts and to simplify the process. The end of year holiday season is a great opportunity to say “Thank You” to employees in a memorable and personal way.
Often, in the planning stages especially, there are some startling similarities to how the gift decision plays out, with less than perfect results. Companies want to show employees their gratitude, and would like to give a gift that will make them feel appreciated, without breaking the bank.
For larger companies one option is to let employees select their own gift by giving a Gift Album/catalogue. Gift albums, or gift catalogs, are designed to let recipients choose any one gift from the provided printed catalog, or its companion online version and the gift is quickly shipped directly to the employee.
Other ways you can make employee Christmas gifts memorable this holiday season:
1. One-on-one giving.
Give each of the employees some face time this holiday season with their employer/mentor. Sit down with them or briefly visit at their desk when the gift is given. This is a great opportunity to informally give recognition for outstanding accomplishments and efforts from the year – and the extra touch doesn’t cost a thing. 
2. Include a card.
If your team is often out of the office or at multiple locations, include a holiday greeting card with each employee Christmas gift. Get the CEO/Director to write a personal note to employees expressing their appreciation for all they do. 
3. Make it personal.
Include something personal with each of the employee Christmas gifts. If you give festive desktop gifts or even travel mugs, include a personal note or their favourite coffee. 
4. Give a gift they can use.
A memorable employee Christmas gift is one the employee can use long past the holidays. A journal, coffee mug or desktop items serve as reminders of your appreciation all year.
5. Personalise your gift.
The holidays are a popular time of year to give and receive gifts personalised with imprints and logos. By adding a name, date or logo to an employee Christmas gift, the employee has a lasting memento of his/her time at the company and a token of his/her contributions. 
6. Gift wrapping.
When it comes to employee Christmas gifts, the presentation counts. Gift wrapping items not only provide a nicer presentation to employees, but the detail also lets them know they are valued.
There are two main key points when choosing gifts for employees:
Give employees a gift they want and can use.
Include a personal message.

This year, don't let coming up with great employee holiday gift ideas be a time consuming and stressful task, contact Interaction Branding Pty Ltd and let us help you come up with some great Christmas gift ideas.

Fridge-to-go RangeFridge-to-go MF12 Multipurpose Christmas HamperFridge-to-go Single Bottle Beverage Fridge

Fridge-To-Go Cooler bags stay cold for up to 8 hours and even chills room temperature items!

They use no external power source or messy ice bricks and are easy to use, they'll replace the most used cooler bag at home.

Eco-friendly, BPA-free, PVC and lead-safe using biodegradable panels containing non-toxic purified salt water. 

Variations: Colour, Sizes.

A great unique idea for a Christmas gift and the contents can be offered to suit your budget. 

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